The No. 1 Thing People Get Wrong About Networking:

The No. 1 Thing People Get Wrong About Networking:
From Recruiter - March 15, 2017

Few situationshave as much power to set eyes rolling as a networking event does.

Oh God, no! Hours of schmoozing people I dont know, all for the sake of collecting business cards and LinkedIn information. Count me out!

But heres what people get wrong about networking: Its not about forcing relationships with strangers. Its about deepening relationships with the people you already know.

The average American has 634 people in their overall network, according to Pew Research Center. Heres how to enlist their help:

1. Identify Your Goal

You cant simultaneously go after 10 different networking goals. If you try to, youll waste limited time and resources without yielding anything in the way of results.

Ask yourself this question: Whats the No. 1 most pressing career goal I have?

Is it landing a new position at a high-growth tech company? Is it cultivating relationships with great pharma recruiters? Is it finding a mentor in the finance industry? Boil it down toone major goal.This will be your North Star for networking efforts. Everything you do from this point onward should be geared toward achieving this one major goal.

2. Identify Who Is Most Likely to Help You

A big reason people get frustrated with networking is because they dont filter their connections through the point of view of an ideal prospect. I may be great friends with a physician, but if my most pressing career goal is to land a job in the tech sector, that doctor probably wont be of much help!

Here are some criteria you can use when trying to identify who can help you reach your major goal:

- Job titles

- Years of experience

- Target industries

- Target companies

- Target geographies (zip codes, metropolitan areas, etc.)

- Keywords (as in particular skills your ideal prospect might have)

Now, start running advanced searches on LinkedIn, going through your email and phone contact lists, and dusting off those business cards to compile a list of people who are in great positions to help you. The best prospects are those who are currently in a position help you fulfill your goal or are at most a short step away from someone who can help you.

LinkedIns search function will enable you to quickly hone in on people within your network that fit this criteria. You can also visit the individual profile pages of your connections to see whom they know and could introduce you to.

3. Become Someone People Love to Get Messages From


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