Treat Your Job Search Like a Job. Set Your Own KPIs!

Treat Your Job Search Like a Job. Set Your Own KPIs!
From Recruiter - March 15, 2017

Weve all heard of key performance indicators, or KPIs.You have probably been assessed against certain KPIs in your previous jobs, but have you ever thought about developing your own KPIs for the job search process?

KPIs are valuable because they give us measurable values by which we can determine how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. Low-level KPIs tend to focus on process, but high-level KPIs focus on the overall performance and success of a business.

Just like you can use KPIs to guide and measure the success of a company and its employees, you can use KPIs to guide and measure the success of your job search.

Setting Your Own Job Search KPIs

Ive said it before, and Ill say it again: You must treat your job search like a job in itself. It requires time, effort, and focus. The job youve always wanted isnt going to come looking for youunless you put in the work to make yourself a go-to person in your industry. Create your own opportunities. Set yourself a specific end goal with measurable KPIs.

If youre going to formulate job search KPIs, you need to start with the basics. You have to clearly understand your objectives and how you plan to achieve them.

So, what are your objectives? Getting a job? Any job? Or getting the job youve always wanted? Aim high. Set your sights on what you really want!

As with all goal setting, its best to make your KPIs SMARTspecific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Actually, you can make them SMARTER by adding two extra steps: evaluate and re-evaluate. This re-evaluation should be a constant process.

1. Start With Your Ultimate Goal

Write a list of the companies youd like to work for. Not all companies advertise their vacancies externally, so dont just look atwhats on offer in the job market. Concentrate on the companies where you know you could make a difference.


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