The Side Hustle Method for Boosting Your Personal Brand

The Side Hustle Method for Boosting Your Personal Brand
From Recruiter - March 16, 2017

Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.Jim Rohn

In my work as a resume writer, career coach, and senior manager, I spend a lot of time working with people on how they can improve their careers. Too often, theres a disconnect between their actions and the companys bottom line. Many feelthat if they put in their40 hours a week, they should get 10 percent raises each year and be promotedbecause theyrea hard worker and a good person.


I know it should no longer shock me, but it does. How can someone not see that if you generate results for the company beyond what youre being paid, youll progress. If you dont, you wont.

So, if just showing up and putting in the minimum time and effort doesnt get you there, what do you need to do to quickly progress in your career?

You need to start thinking of yourself as a business.

Brian Tracy, the prolific self-help and business author, wrote, The basic rule for success in your life, your work, and your career is for you to see yourself as the president of your own personal services corporation.

What you do beyond the standard 40 hours that the company pays you to work for them is where personal growth, increased value, and heightened visibility (your personal brand) are created.

Working more hours is a part of the equation. Getting in early and leaving late is certainly a tactic that can pay off in the short term. It increases your visibility to management and shows you have the drive to succeed. But without a strategy behind it, youre destined for burnout.

What Is Your Side Hustle?

What I suggest is something that has become more common in todays topsy-turvy business environment: the side hustle.


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