5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your 'Silver Medal' Candidates

5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your 'Silver Medal' Candidates
From Recruiter - March 16, 2017

1. Start a Drip Campaign

The main thing is get these people on a drip campaign through your ATS. If you dont have one, your standard email marketing system works just fine as well. Even if you are just sending them weekly newsletters from your business, it will keep your company fresh in their minds for when there is an opportunity that fits. Make it a point to reach out personally at least once a quarter to high value candidates. Since they will see your material and get the call, your relationship will become strong really quickly.

Fletcher Wimbush, The Hire Talent

2. Ask Candidates to Connect on Social Media

At NatResPro we offer a free CV optimization service as well as different
types of career advice.For every CV service, we simply ask them to connect on social media, giving different platform options. This is a small ask, helps us grow our social network, and fosters some close relationships, sometimes with people whom we dont even help find a job. The best people are happy to connect, the worst will not connect, and that saves us the effort in revamping their CVs.

Jason Lavis, Natural Resource Professionals Limited

3. Maintain a Log of Previous Candidates

We keep a log where we rank each submission by grades from A+ to C. We leave comments on where they fell short and what was good about their submission. Since most of our work is project-based, this is a great way to ensure we have people to call on if we have an overflowing amount of work.

Alexis Chateau, Alexis Chateau PR


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