Why Are Your Cold Emails Failing?

Why Are Your Cold Emails Failing?
From Recruiter - March 17, 2017

Cold emails are a common tactic for recruiters trying to attract new talent. Once your personal network is exhausted, youll likely turn to the world of social media and other extended networks to find the talent youre looking for. That means exposing yourself to candidates youve never met before. A quick email should, theoretically, grab the attention of any somewhat interested candidatebut the reality ismost cold emails are ignored.

Still, if your cold email is effective, you should expect to see at least some percentage of replies. If you arent getting anything substantial, it likely means there is an issue with your approach. So what could be happening?

Here are a few common reasons why cold emails fail:

Theres No Hook

If you want your recipient to reply, you first need to seize their attention. The way to do that is with some kind of hookpreferably in the subject line, becausealmost half of all email recipients choose to open emails based on subject lines alone.

What kind of hook should you have? That depends on whom youre targeting and what youre targeting them for. If you think you can offer a candidatea higher-paying opportunity, use that angle to craft a subject line they cant ignore, like: Get the salary you deserve at ____ Corp. If you want to appeal to the application of their talents, you could use a line like: Put your talent to better use. Figure out what your prospect wants, and then find a way to give it to them.

Your Email Is Formulaic

If youre using the same tired template to email every candidate you find, its no wonder you arent getting more responses. If people feel like theyre one of 10,000 other people who already received this email, they wont be motivated to take action. There are a lot of free templates for cold recruiting emails, but you can bet each of them has been used thousands of times. If you really want to stand out, you should use a custom layout with a custom message. Not only will it help you differentiate yourself, but it will also make you seem more approachable, thereby increasing your response rates.

Your Emails Look Like Spam


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