'But I'm Not a Creative!' You Can Still Create a Portfolio to Move Your Career Forward

'But I'm Not a Creative!' You Can Still Create a Portfolio to Move Your Career Forward
From Recruiter - March 17, 2017

If you have a normal job, the professional lives of your creative friends may sometimes look cushy to you. Theyre occasionally busy, yes, but theres alsoa direct link between their talents and their output. Consider the portfolio.

How luxurious creatives lives must be, with their tasteful outfits, cool jobs, and portfolios bursting with examples of just how well their past work has turned out! The creatives portfolio is the essence of show, dont tell.

You envy creatives sometimes. All your professional accomplishments are summarized as bullet points on a resume or LinkedIn page that only gets attention when youre looking to switch roles.

The Non-Creatives Portfolio

There is an obvious way to get past your portfolio envy: Create one of your own. Videos, social media, and software tools are now rich supplementsand even replacementsfor resumes. More specifically, they are powerful ways to help you demonstrate your skills and competencies.

Comfortable on camera? Love talking and thinking out loud? A well-scripted video can showcase your personality and your work. Are you a social media butterfly? Post examples of your workscrubbed of any sensitive information, of coursewith short narratives as case studies. Make sure you tag them. Do you have a thoughtful, multimedia mind? Consider setting up a free blog that you can use as your online portfolio. This will give you the space and capacity to post about work youve done, projects youre working on, processes youve improvedanything thats relevant. Dont feel pressured to update your blog regularly, unless you do want to turn it into a blog. Its meant to be a portfolio, after all.

Looking to make an intracompany move? If your company has an intranet, show off your work on the intranet under your employee profile. That way, whether youre networking internally or gearing up for aninterview with a different department, youll be able to link to your intranet portfolio and demonstrate how proactive and company-focused you are.

The idea of building and maintaining a portfolio is not new. Your mindset may change as a result of building your portfolio. Having a portfoliothe act of curating your accomplishments and showing off your skillshelps keep you ready to talk about your accomplishments in a natural way. It also helps tighten your career story for yourself and for others: what your skills and competencies are, how and why you focused on the competencies youve grown, what projects youve done, and what types of projects youre looking forward to.


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