Personal Branding Dos and Don'ts

Personal Branding Dos and Don'ts
From Recruiter - March 20, 2017

You probably know a little something about personal branding and the general tools you use to promote it, but in our fast-paced world, there are always new strategies and new technologies to keep up with. Here are some dos and donts to help you get your personal brand where you want it to be:

1. Do Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

With video interviewing platforms becoming more and more accessible, many companies are now starting the hiring process off with virtual interviews. Dont be surprised if your next interview process involves getting on camera, either for a live interview or a pre-recorded one. Start practicing now!

2. DoHave Something to Say

LinkedIn is the No. 1 platform for professional networking, finding a job, and sharing your personal brand with the world. Be sure to use it to its fullest potential.

Youre no longer limited to writing status updates on LinkedIn. You now have the ability to write meaningful long-form content that shows off your industry knowledge. Write about what you know and share your unique point of view. Dont worry about gaining thousands of viewers for each post.The point of sharing posts on LinkedIn is so that when the right people land on your profile, they have access to your unique insights and get a taste of the professional value you can bring to the table.

3. DontMistake Your LinkedIn Profile for Another Version of Your Resume

While it mightappear that LinkedIn is meant to present a summaryof your work history, it is so much more than that. One day it may totally replace resumes altogether, but even then, it wont offer information in the same way. In addition to writing long-form content on the platform, youll want to convey your professional story in a way that resonates with the reader and allows them to clearly understand your value proposition.

4. DontTry to Fake It Til You Make It

Your personal brand is not a costume. Its not a disguise, nor is it who you hope to be one day in the not-so-distant future. Your brand is you the authentic you that you are today and the unique talents you possess. Whatever platforms youre utilizing, make sure you stay true to the real you and maintain consistency.

5. DoRealize That Your Online Presence Has Limits

Being active on social media outlets is a great ideajust be sure not to publicly share things that are better left to private communications. Its usually best to stay out of heated online political debates. Dont share photos taken at the after-after-party, and try not to talk about your personal relationships (or lack thereof).


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