Recruiter Top 10: Ways to Promote Your Company Culture to Candidates

Recruiter Top 10: Ways to Promote Your Company Culture to Candidates
From Recruiter - July 16, 2017

1. Dont Just Tell It Be It

In my experience, companies spend too much time and effort working on how to get the word out about their company culture and not enough time and effort on shaping and developing company culture. Its less something to promote and more something to beto actively be.

Its a lot easier to figure out how to tell the story of your company culture to recruits and candidates when you have tons of stories to tell about what happened when. Its a challenge to figure out how to tell the story of your culture when values are slogans on the wall without any real-life narrative to back them up.

Subtlety speaks volumes. When the whole company reflects the values espoused in the literature, candidates and recruits can feel the integrity of the message. They can feel incongruence as well. Give feedback to leaders and all staff on behaviors that support the culture youre trying to build and those behaviors that dont. Then, start making a record of the true stories that reflect the culture youre inviting new people to join.

Aaron Schmookler, Company Culture Engineer, The Yes Works

2. Take Candidates on a Tour

When interviewing a candidate, be sure to show them around the office. The office space and the employees in it are big parts of a companys culture. By getting a feel for their potential surroundings, candidates can get a general feel for the organizational culture overall.

George Bradley, Communications Specialist, Circa Interactive

3. Let the Team Interview Candidates

We demonstrate company culture in a couple of different ways with new candidates. First, we ask the team to interview them! Nothing proves employees have a say like allowing future teammates to ask a candidate questions! We also try to make interviews more conversational rather than interrogations. We want candidates to be excited about working with us, not terrified!

Hannah Munro, Senior Business Technologist, Itas

4. Write a Blog Post

One of the first things a candidate should do before interviewing with a company is review their website to learn more about them. Any potential candidate that puts even just a little bit of time into browsing our site will see that we have a blog. If that candidate goes one step further and starts reading our blog posts, theyll find this one, a post that not only demonstrates our company culture but also explains why our culture matters.

You might be thinking, Wow, a blog post. Real original. However, weve had candidates specifically mention this blog post as a factor in their decision to apply to one of our open positions. It may not be the most unique tactic to demonstrate our company culture, but it is effective.

Nicole Stelmar , Digital Marketing Specialist, Inseev Interactive

5. Encourage Candidates to Explore for Themselves

After interviewing close to 100 people over the last 10 years, I know that you can try to explain, describe, or display aspects of company culture, but that will always be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Good candidates pay attention and will come to their own conclusions about company culture.

While its wise to put on your best face, focus as much or more on being open and encouraging candidates to explore the culture themselves. This applies throughout the interview process, starting from the initial interaction with the interview team through to the on-site visit. Encourage candidates to talk freely (i.e., confidentially) to any employees. Let them kick the tires and figure out for themselves what your company culture is all about. The conclusions they draw will be more influential than anything you can say or do.

Jason W. Sickler, President, Torchlight Solutions, LLC


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