How to Negotiate When Salary Is Non-Negotiable

How to Negotiate When Salary Is Non-Negotiable
From Recruiter - July 16, 2017

Congratulations! You made it through several grueling rounds of interviews, and now the company youd love to work for has sent you an offer of employment!

Theres just one problem: The salary isnt what you want, and the company has made clear that this is its best offer. What can you do?

Well, one option is to negotiate some terms other than salary. If you cant get the pay you want, you should at the very least be able to improve some other aspects of your job.

Here are some things you can ask for and some advice on how to tactfully broach the subject:

A Better Title

If the new positions title is vague or couldbe perceived as a step down from your previous role, research alternative titles and suggest a few different ones for your future supervisor to consider.

When you present these titles, start by thanking your potential employer for giving you a thorough understanding of the position. Then, explain that upon further consideration, you feel these alternative titles may better encompass the scope of the role. Ask for input and let this be the start of a dialogue.

A Better Workspace

Think about the type of environment in which you thrive. Do you like solitude, or do you prefer lots of team interaction? Do you love natural lighting, or could you do without too many windows?

When requesting a better workspace, focus on how and where you will do your best work for the organization. Explain that you believe a different environment would allow you to produce better results for the company. Dont just ask for a corner office with a cappuccino machine because you think youre awesome.

A Flexible Schedule

Carpools, hot yoga, rush hourwhatever your morning or afternoon may bring, it may not always mesh with your work schedule. Ask if there is any flexibility to modify your schedule to accommodate your life outside of work.

Before raising this possibility,investigate whether the plan youre proposingcould help fill in a gap or alleviate someone elses workload. You have a better chance of getting a new schedule approved if you can demonstrate how accommodating your schedule benefits the company.

Remote Work Options


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