How to Stay Positive During a Lengthy Job Search

How to Stay Positive During a Lengthy Job Search
From Recruiter - July 16, 2017

Nobody likes a job search. It might be fun for the first couple of days, but it quickly gets old. You just want to put the process behind you and start doing something you love.

Unfortunately, the timeline for a job hunt can be weeks or even months at a time. This can leadto frustration and depression for job seekers.

When Depression Rears Its Ugly Head

Spending hours and hours on a job search every day and not seeing any results can makeyou feel scared, helpless, and even worthless at times.

As JibberJobber founder Jason Alba told CIO, When an $8-an-hour HR intern doesnt return your emails, you start to think: Was I a good programmer? Was I a good strategist? Was I a good operations manager?

The longer a job search takes, and the more effort poured in with no results to show, the more self-doubt and depression can creep in. Symptoms of depression include difficulty sleeping, over- or under-eating, increased irritability and aggressiveness, and evendrug or alcohol abuse.

Depression is particularly dangerous because it becomes a vicious cycle: The more depressed you get, the harder it gets to search for and find jobs that meet your criteria. You become pessimistic and complacent when you should be optimistic and ambitious.

How to Avoid Job Search Depression

Not everyone experiences job search depression, but many do. Its imperative for all professionals to understand how they can avoid this affliction:

1. Focus on the Things You Can Control

The reason so many job seekers experience anxiety and depression is because so many aspects of the job hunt are beyond their control. A job seeker cant make someone read their resume, review theirapplication, return theircall, or schedule an interview.


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