How to Attract the Right Companies and Repel the Toxic Ones

How to Attract the Right Companies and Repel the Toxic Ones
From Recruiter - July 16, 2017

I had a conversation with a frustrated job seeker earlier today wherein he vented about his experiences involving companies he was applying to and interviewingwith. Unfortunately, I hear stories about the kinds of scenariosthis gentleman was describing almost every week.

Heres what they typically sound like:

The company invites you in for an interview. It seems promising. They say theyll be inviting you backand then they never call you again.

Or much of the pertinent information regarding the position in the jobad turns out to bemisleading, omitted, or false.

Or they give you all sorts of weird reasons why youre not good enough for them. Youre underqualified. Youre overqualified.

Or they drag you along a lengthy process of 3-4 interviews, get your hopes up, and the hire someone elsesomeone they intended to hire all along.

Or they refuse to even entertain the concept of actually paying you what youre worth. They want you to give them your all, but theyll only give you crumbs in return.

Sound familiar?

Maybe youve already made this connection, but dont many of these scenarios sound awfully similar to the pitfalls of romance and dating? Its like listening to the stories of a person who seems to keep dating inconsiderate and self-absorbed people.

Heres my take on it, based on my own experiences, independent research, and interviews with experts in this area:

There Are Definitely More Unhealthy Companies Out There Than Ever Before

Automation and rapid advancements in technology have created a huge disconnect between employer and candidate in the initial courtship stages of the hiring process. It seems both sides have not yet fully adjusted to thenew realities of hiring in the digital age.

For example, many companies have yet to realize that the qualification standards in their job posts are ridiculously unrealistic. As a result, the only candidates passing through the online gates are those who arent being completely honest about their real qualifications!

Plenty of research supports this unfortunate reality: More than half of employershave caught candidates lying on resumes, and 95 percent of companies admit theyve made bad hires every year.

Whats the Solution Here?

For job seekers, the best advice is to start where they arethat is, job seekers should try to be open to the possibility that there are good companies to work for, even if their recent experiences suggest otherwise.

Here are four things I did inmy own job search to change my belief that there were no more good companies out there and to attract great employers:

1. I Clarified for Myself What I Wanted and Didnt Want Out of a Job

I began to write down what I wanted from work, and I often read the list aloud to myself. I found that it wasnt enough to simply think about previous good experiences at work. I had to really dig deep and do the inner work of figuring out what I needed.

I wrote out what I wanted, what I didnt want, and what I could best contribute to an organization. I also became open to seeking out experts in the career industry and learning from them. I can be very stubborn at times, so it was difficultbut worth itto become more humble and teachable in this regard.

2. I Reprogrammed Myself


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