6 Employers Weigh in on the Benefits – and Drawbacks – of Boomerang Employees

6 Employers Weigh in on the Benefits – and Drawbacks – of Boomerang Employees
From Recruiter - July 16, 2017

1. Boomerang Employees Return With a Renewed Sense of Commitment

Weve had a number of boomerang employees over the years, from support staff to attorneys to myself!

In fact, one of my favorite boomerang success stories is an associate attorney who left us to work in Big Law for several years. After realizing that it was not for him and that a smaller law firm was a better cultural fit, he returned to us. With a great deal of focus and hard work, he became a shareholder and the chair of our employment law group!

Sometimes, employees need to go out and see if the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. Sometimes it is, and oftentimes it isnt. We have no prohibition on hiring a returnee, so long as that employee was a good one the first time around. (Of course, not everyone qualifies for rehire.) I find that boomerangs return with a renewed sense of commitment and gratitude for a second opportunity. In my experience, they turn out to be the most dedicated and engaged employees.

Grace Carr Lee, Hoge Fenton

2. You Know What You Get With a Boomerang

Boomerang employees already know the ins, outs, and nuances of the company. If their work was solid, you have a guarantee as to what they will be bringing back to the table. New hires are always a great big question mark. With a boomerang, you know their skills, traits, and weaknesses upfront. This saves incredible time and effort in terms of training and onboarding.

Zachary Weiner, Emerging Insider

3. Boomerang Employees Are Driven to Improve Themselves

Boomerang employees switch jobs because they would like to improve their skills and better themselves. I like having employees who are self-motivated and always working to improve their work ethic and their knowledge. I would love to have those kinds of employees back.

Ajmal Saleem, Suprex Learning

4. Be Sure to Differentiate Between Boomerangs and Mercenaries

I absolutely would (and have) hired boomerang employees. It has to do with the conditions in which the employee left and the conditions when they ask to return. Sometimes, things happen in life that force a change and are out of your control. You have to be understanding about that as an employer.


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