Beat the Summer Productivity Slump With These 10 Tips

Beat the Summer Productivity Slump With These 10 Tips
From Recruiter - July 22, 2017

1. Focus on Project-Based Work

Rather than trying to spin our wheels on small things that can easily be overlooked, we work toward measurable goals on projects. We give our employees a larger chunk of time in the summer, say three weeks, with a few check-ins and have them work toward bigger goals. By focusing on bigger tasks instead of small assignments, people have time to really think critically and work in a meaningful way. Since we allow for a larger period when things would be slow, employees have an opportunity to budget their time but with clear working objectives.

Alexandra Mayzler, Founder, Thinking Caps Group

2. Encourage Employees to Take Time Off

Seriously. Taking time off can actually lead employees to be more productive. For some companies, summer is slower than other seasons, so using PTO wont force other employees to pick up the slack. In fact, time away from the office can spark greater productivity once people return. At the same time, encouraging employees to take time off fosters an environment of trust. Employees shouldnt feel guilty about using vacation time, so encourage them to do so.

Vip Sandhir, Founder and CEO, HighGround

3. Make the Office Summer as Active as Summer Outside the Office

Do things you dont normally do other times of the year. For example, you could host biweekly BBQs. Get your most seasoned grill master to help feed the troops.

You can also get employees moving by offering in-house yoga or exercise programs. These will help employees feel less cooped up. It can even be as simple as a scheduled weekly walk outside. The important thing is that employees are getting to move around and enjoy the fresh air.

Consider making every day a game. Create goal-oriented contests with tangible awards on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep the team on target. By making peoples tasks into summer games, you are making work fun, even when your employees are not out in the sun.

Vincent Nero, Vice President, Successories

4. Allow Flexible Work Options

Employees need flexibility in order to achieve work/life balance, especially during the summer, when children are out of school and childcare often falls to the working parent.

Deb LaMere, Vice President of Employee Experience, Ceridian

5. Give Employees the Tools They Need to Stay Productive

We try to avoid the summer productivity slump altogether by providing our team with the tools they need to stay productive.

One of my favorites for managing my team and streamlining communication is Slack. Instead of trying to communicate through phone calls, texting, email, and Skype, everything runs smoothly because its integrated directly into the app. I also really like the ability to send emojis, memes, and GIFs, which really helps our team take the edge off and have a little fun while working.


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