Keep Your Millennials Around by Giving Them Continuous Performance Feedback

Keep Your Millennials Around by Giving Them Continuous Performance Feedback
From Recruiter - July 22, 2017

Today, millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, accounting for more than one-third of workers. It may have been possible to ignore millennials need for continuous feedback in the past, but those days are over. Forty-four percent of millennialsexpect to leave their current roles in the next two years. If you want millennial workers to stick around for the long term, youll need to give them what they want.

But before we get into how you can retain your millennial workers, lets start by looking at why millennials want feedback so much in the first place:

Why Do They Need So Much Feedback, Anyway?

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are not looking for constant praise. The millennial need for feedback isnt rooted in narcissismit comes from how they were raised.

Millennials came of age in the era of the internet. For them, everything is instant. They dont like having to waitespecially not when it comes to finding out how theyre doing at work.

So, millennials arent narcissistic, theyre uncertain. In a world where entry-level jobs often demand 1-3 years of experience, millennials want to know: Am I doing okay? What are my weaknesses? Is there anything I could be doing better?

How to Give Millennials the Feedback They Want

Only 19 percent of millennials say they receive routine feedback. If you want to retain millennial employees, you need to join this minority of employers. Start providing millennial workers with continuous feedback. Start an ongoing conversation between managers and their millennial reports.

Here are a few tips on delivering valuable ongoing feedback:

1. Be Specificand Frequent

Forty-two percent of millennials want feedback every week. It may not be possible for busy managers to deliver feedback so often, but you should make your best effort to chat with employeesabout performance this frequently.

Even in your brief weekly or monthly chats, make sure you have specific comments to make when you speak with your employees. Being too vague with millennials essentially guarantees theyll become disgruntledand eventually quit.Millennials wantsomething to act on, something to work toward and eventually accomplish.


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