5 Processes That Can Help You Find Better Hires

5 Processes That Can Help You Find Better Hires
From Recruiter - July 22, 2017

1. Value What Sets Candidates Apart

As a web development agency, we try to think about how each candidate can contribute their whole self to working with us. We encourage potential employees to share different sides of themselves during an interview. If youre bilingual, were born in another country, and also know how to code and design, we see all of those things as assets you can bring to problem-solving.

Uchechi Kalu Jacobson, Linking Arts Web Design & Development

2. Understand the Candidates Why

As a small team with a shared mission, we find it really important that everyone understands the why behind our work at Salty Girl. Each of our current employees spends one-on-one time with a prospective hire, getting to know them and figuring out what makes them tick. This has been a great way for us to determine how someone will operate in the existing team dynamic, what motivates them to drive our mission forward, and what they will contribute beyond their job description.

Norah Eddy, Salty Girl Seafood

3. Respond to Everyone Who Applies

Most of our team has been in the shoes of an applicant before. They know what its like to never receive timely, honest feedback on an application. Because we have had these experiences ourselves, we make it a point to reach out to each candidate who applies for a position with our organization, regardless of whether or not we intend to move forward with them.


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