How a $500 Home Office Changed My Life

How a $500 Home Office Changed My Life
From Recruiter - August 3, 2017

Article by Fiona Tapp

My writing career started as a creative hobby in addition to my full-time childcare role. Then it became a nice little side hustle, complete with perks like products to review and free tickets to events. As I invested more time in monetizing my words, I coincidently lost some daycare clients. My freelance writing was slowly replacing my official income, and with the start of a new calendar year, I took the plunge and made writing my full-time occupation.

I wrote in coffee shops and at the library, but mostly in my own home, which was convenient but not always comfortable.Working from home in your pajamas might sound like living the dream, but the truth is, once my workload increased from just a blog post or two a month to a full-time schedule, balancing my laptop on my legs in bed became unmanageable.

First, it was just uncomfortable. My legs and back would be crying out after six hours of writing hunched over in my bed without any ergonomic support. Second, and more importantly, I felt like I wasnt taking my new business seriously. Writing didnt seem like a real job if I was just doing it from the kitchen table or an armchair!

So, I decided to carve out a little corner of my home for my new venture. I was going to treat myself like a creative professional rather than a mom who got lucky with a couple of successful posts.

I began by moving the avalanche of toys left over from the closure of my daycare and assigning one corner of my dining room as my office.

I took myself down to a Scandinavian big-box store and selected two white desks that made an L shape, fitting perfectly in the corner of the room. Assembling flat-packed furniture is definitely not my strong suit, so I left the hard work to my mother-in-law and husband. I busied myself with a more creative project: painting individual letters in all my favorite colors and gluing them to a cute arrow sign spelling out my new mantra, H-U-S-T-L-E.

I also purchased a matching white office chair, pink and white accessories, and a new set of stationery and notebooks.

Sitting down at my new desk with all my pretty things around meand my inspirational notes tacked up made me like a real writer. More than that, it made me feel like a business owner. For the first time in my life, my income-earning potential was only limited by my own effort and ability. My monthly wages were only capped by just how much I intended to follow my motto.

The total cost of my new office was about $500:


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