8 Things That Motivate Recent Grads to Excel

8 Things That Motivate Recent Grads to Excel
From Recruiter - August 3, 2017

As recent graduates enter the job market, this time of year is an exciting one for companies around the globe. Graduates are cost-effective, eager to prove themselves, and generallyeasier to managebut recruiting and retaining these talented young candidates is far from a walk in the park.

Now that job hopping has become increasingly common, companies will have to go the extra mile to keep graduate hires on board for the long haul. Furthermore, these is a great deal of competition when it comes to recruiting the best of this years graduating class, given that talent holds the reins in todays job market.

In order to attract, retain, and motivate this years graduates, you need to know what inspires them to perform at their best.Here are eight motivating factors to consider:

1. Relationships With Superiors

Anyone with experience in HR knows the importance of managers when it comes to employee engagement. Employees want to be coached, and they want to develop trusting, honest relationships with their superiors. For this reason, many companies have beenditching annual appraisals in favor of regular performance discussions.

To get the most out of new graduate hires, managers should meet with them regularly, support them, and encourage them. This will help ease the often difficult transition from schoolto the workplace.

2. Praise and Recognition

Employee recognition isnt simply a nice thing to doits a critical performance management tool that can boost productivity.

Todays graduates dont just work for the paycheck. They want to feel appreciated. They want to know their efforts matter. Incorporating a Good job! or two into your day requires little effort but can really put a pep in graduates steps and encourage high performance.

Remember: Employees who feel unappreciated willeventually leave.

3. Flexibility and Autonomy

Flexible work is no fad; it is a lasting change to the nature of work, and it brings out the best in all employees.

Graduates dont want micromanagement; they want to know that you trust them to do their jobs. To build this trust, help new hires establish SMART objectives. Then,give employeesthe freedom to decide how to achieve these objectives. You should always be ready to offer guidance, but remember not to infringe on employees autonomy.

You may also want to offer telecommuting options, considering how happy and productive remote workers are.

4. A Clear Purpose

These days, young people value purpose over pay. They want work that matters. For this reason, it is important to give your graduates some organizational context for their work.


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