10 Warning Signs of a Toxic Company Culture

10 Warning Signs of a Toxic Company Culture
From Recruiter - August 6, 2017

1. The Job Posting Is Suspiciously Demanding

One sign that the culture at a company is suspect is the job posting. If a job is listed as entry level but requires far more than entry-level experience, then the company is potentially trying to get away with paying you less.

Neel Somani, Founder, Apptic

2. Your Gut Says No

How do you feel when youre there? Trust your gut; its your greatest ally. Human beings actually have a second brain in their gut area. Unfortunately, too many people ignore the warning signs. If something feels offeven if you cant put your finger on itit probably is. If you feel drained, exhausted, or leave with a splitting headache, I would not suggest going back.

Jaime Pfeffer, Career Coach,

3. Customers Dont Feel So Great

While most people will recommend employee review sites such as Glassdoor, I actually tell people to look at customer satisfaction and reviews.

Regardless of who the customer or client is, your happiness and success at a company depend on customers overall happiness and satisfaction. Check out consumer reviews of a company. If you find a pattern of customers not being happy, then you likely wont be either. Why? Customer dissatisfaction not only brings everyone down, but youre also likely going to be dealing with a lot of these unhappy customers.

Overall customer satisfaction is often an indicator of the organizational culture. If there is a pattern of low satisfaction, something is going wrong in the company, which is a strong sign of a toxic culture.

Kris Fannin, CEO and Founder, Intelivate

4. People Keep Leaving

Its a bad sign if the job youre interviewing for has had several incumbents over the last five years. Ask the interviewer, How many people have had this position over the last five years? Where are each of them now?

If all or most of them have left the company, what else do you need to know?

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer, Avid Careerist

5. Everyone Is Ambiguous

All candidates should ask questions about culture and advancement to validate whether or not those bad Glassdoor reviews have any merit. Any company with a culture conducive to growth and transparency should be able to answer these questions with confidence and provide examples of initiatives that further employee engagement.


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