Eye Contact, Part 2: You've Got Their Attention – Now What?

Eye Contact, Part 2: You've Got Their Attention – Now What?
From Recruiter - August 11, 2017

In my previous article on eye contact, I focused on getting and keeping someones attention. Today, well explore some of the psychology behind certain eye gaze behaviors.

Generally speaking, when someone looks you in the eyeand maintains relaxed contact (no frowning or squinting), they are signaling that they respect youmaybe even like you! If a persondoesnt make eye contact, then generally, the opposite can be said.

Lets consider some specifics:

Gaze Avoidance

1. Disapproval

If your boss closes their eyes for longer than a normal blink while facing you, it is likely they disapprove of something you just said or did. Rapid blinking is a sign of anxiety, but a longer closing of the eyes is a way of unconsciously saying, I dont want to see (or hear) this. If your boss were to intensify this blocking behavior with a hand over their eyes, then tread lightly.

2. Social Climbing

The next time you attend a social or networking event, see if you can spot the social climber. This will be a person who is engaged in a conversation but always looking out for someone more popular and of higher status with whom to talk. While the social climbers torso might be facing the person who is trying to engage them, their gaze will be regularlyscanning the room.

Peoplealso tend to gaze at the alpha male or female in a room, so if you follow a social climbers gaze, you might find that others are gazing in the same direction. If youre at a networking event looking to make contact with the chairman of a big company, then by all means, let the social climbers lead you there.

3. Recollection

Now, if at that same networking event, someone looks upwards while maintaining their head positioning, they are likely trying to recall a name or detail they would like to share with you. This one of thebrains ways of shutting out distractions to allow an insight to form.

4. Processingor Intimidation?

Is the person youre talking to looking down? Theyre calculating/processing,which is different from recalling information.

Looking down can also be an indication that someone is intimidated by you. How can you tell the difference?


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