5 Ways to Keep Your New Hires for the Long Haul

5 Ways to Keep Your New Hires for the Long Haul
From Recruiter - August 11, 2017

Recruiting and onboarding new hires are some of the most expensive aspects of employee relations. Theres the search, the interview process, winnowing down candidates, more interviews, training, training, and more training. Sure, a new hire may have the skills youre looking for, but youll still need to teach them your business culture and protocols.

The worst part: After youve invested all that time and money, 10-25 percent of your new hires are likely to bolt in less than six months. One in four is expensive odds, and thats just the average. Turnover rates for new hires are evenworse in certain industries.

How do you fix it? How do you get good people to stick around? Here are five ways to convinceyour best new hires not to leave:

1. Know Why You Need Them

Talentedpeople love a challenge, especially when it suits their skills. Dont buryyour best hires underbusy work. Sure, some mundane work may be inevitable, but try to give top talent something important to do, some reason for getting up in the morning.

2. Be Resourced and Ready

Sometimes, you need someone now; you dont really have to time roll out the red carpet. Thats okay, but it isnt an excuse to have a secretary lead your new hire to a cluttered desk and tell them to get to work.

Even when the timeline is tight, welcomeyour new hires.Introduce them to the rest of the team and prepare the equipment and documents theyll need to get started ahead of time. Your employees are trying to make good first impressions; give them the opportunity to do so.


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