7 Recruiting and Hiring Experts Weigh in on Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting:

7 Recruiting and Hiring Experts Weigh in on Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting:
From Recruiter - August 11, 2017

1. AI Will Change the Way We Assessand Develop Soft Skills

Artificial intelligence will help organizations place employees within roles and teams that make the most sense based on their specific skill sets, both hard and soft.

While its relatively easy to detect hard skills via someones resume or work background, its more difficult to assess soft skills and ones propensity to succeed as a manager. Tools designed to score and ultimately coach these types of soft skills will be critical when it comes to placing employees in roles within an organization, and even externally. Its not far-fetched to envision a future in which this data is transported as employees move from job to job, serving as an ever-evolving profile designed to match employees with the best opportunities, and vice versa.

David Mendlewicz, Butterfly

2. AI: A Corporate Lie Detector

I think the one thing that people might not have thought about is how AI will be used as a lie detector.

There are many tells when a person is lying, from where they look to the stress levels in their voice. By combining a camera that observes eye movement with voice-stress analysis, HR managers will be able to use nothing more complicated than a webcam and their computer microphone to analyze an interview and see flags of potential deceit or, at minimum, concern.

The foundational technologies are all there. Its only a matter of time before the tools of the FBI and CIA become cheap enough to sit in a boardroom.

Sean MacPhedran, SMITH

3. AI Can Do Great ThingsBut We Should Be Careful About How We Use the Term

I dont think the effects of AI are overstated, but I do think AI is being thrown around a little too loosely in the recruitment software industry. Anybody with a simple machine-learning algorithm is claiming to offer AI as part of their recruitment solution. I think that, at least in the beginning, software companies with more marketers than engineers will give it a bad rap. So, for the relatively weak AI offerings, the effects will be overstated. Since AI is being used so loosely, its more critical than ever that the talent acquisition function tracks relevant recruiting data.

Jon-Mark Sabel, HireVue

4. Whats Time-Intensive for Recruiters Is Childs Play for AI

Right now, AI still has its flaws, but its real strength is pattern recognition. Its role in recruiting in todays world is first to analyze resumes and social media profiles.

Lets take a simple example: AI could easily sort through thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, scanning for grammatical errors. It could eliminate thousands of candidates simply based on the frequency of grammar and spelling errors in a matter of seconds. Then, it could analyze keyword frequencies used to see what knowledge base and interests candidates have. This is an extremely time-intensive activity for humans, but childs play for AI, which means that companies could quickly create their short lists in a non-scary, robots-arent-taking-over kind of way.


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