Thinking About Working With Your Spouse? Consider These Four Things:

Thinking About Working With Your Spouse? Consider These Four Things:
From Recruiter - August 19, 2017

We spend so much time discussing work/life balance. The prevailing theory is that, in order to live a happy, healthy life, you need to keep your personal and work lives separate.

But some people dont keep their worlds apart. What happens when a married couple decides to take the plunge and start working together?

While probably not preferred in most situations, opportunities for spouses to work togethercan arise. If you and your spouse currently face such a situation, you should be asking yourselves: Can we make it workand should we even try?

The answer to this critical question depends on a few factors. Here are four things spouses should consider before working together:

1. Can YourTrust Be an Asset?

If you and your spouse are both seeking employment from the same company and/or in the same department, you must firstrecognize that,from HRs perspective, spousal hiring brings with it more than a few challenges. It can be seen as bad practice, and not every employer is okay with it. Therefore, it will be up to you and your spouse to argue why you should be the exception.

While you may be tempted to downplay your marriage, it could potentially be used to your advantage. Employers look for trustworthiness and loyalty in their employees, and your marriage demonstrates that you and your spouse have these qualities.

(This line of argument wont go over well with every employer, so proceed with caution!)

2. Its Good to Spend Some Time Apart

It doesnt matter if youre married, engaged, or just friends: It isnt healthy for two people to spend every waking hour together. Normally, work would be a time for you and your spouse to get away from one another for a little bit. If youre working together, youll have to find other ways. For example, you dont have to eat lunch together every day, or even commute together.


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