5 Experts Discuss Their Biggest Hiring Challenges Ever

5 Experts Discuss Their Biggest Hiring Challenges Ever
From Recruiter - August 19, 2017

1. Super Specific Roles Can Be a Pain to Fill

One of the biggest hiring challenges weve ever faced was when we were hiring a technical adviser for our webinar platform, since neither myself nor my cofounder had any kind of technical background. We were faced with trying to find someone with a background in streaming, a lot of experience with our tech stack, and flexible hours. It wasnt an easy task.

We went through dozens of interviews by ourselves, but we were never able to find the perfect person we would be able to rely on for many of our future technical decisions.

As time went on, we were able to find great candidates, but none of them fit the exact position that we were trying to fill. After a few months of searching, we started working with a few recruiters to help us fill the position. One of the recruiters connected us with a dream candidate almost immediately. A couple weeks later, we made the hire, and he is still with us today as a technical adviser.

One of the big lessons that we learned from this is that the more specific requirements you have for a role, the harder it is to fill the position. Sometimes, it can be better to start more generally, knowing that a candidate can evolve and over time become the perfect candidate. On top of that, we learned the importance of tapping every possible resource when it comes to filling the hiring funnel. When we hire now, we try to get as many candidates as possible, and then we quickly filter them to set up the best interviews.

Wyatt Jozwowski,

2. Your Reputation Rides on Your Choice

I find interviewing to be the most challenging part of the process because not only do you need to talk about qualifications and all the technical aspects of the role, but you also most importantly need to find out if this person has actual passion for the job. Do they talk about past jobs fondly? Do they love their work? Are they a good fit for your team? Will they represent the companys image in the way you want it projected?

You have to ask the right questions and come up with the conclusion yourself. It is you, after all, who has to introduce this new member to your team. Its your reputation that is riding on this choice.

Nick Sawinyh, Seomator

3. Hiring Remote Employees: Daunting, but Doable

One of our digital marketers works remotely, which we thought was going to be quite a challenge. Before he was hired, it was requested that he visit the office for an in-person interview. After he was hired, it was also required that he be in the office for a two-day onboarding period so that he could get acquainted with the brand, the team, the procedures, and the policies. This served as a great introduction for both himself and our team, which allowed for a smoother transition for remote work. We hold weekly video meetings on Slack where we review all tasks assigned for the week and get updates on progress. Between Slack, chat, email, and Basecamp, we are able to work well together to achieve our goals. This has taught me that hiring remote employees can be done, and it can turn out great!


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