Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job

Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job
From Recruiter - August 22, 2017

Getting a job is stressful for everyone, unless one of your parents is president of the
United States.

When I graduated college in 2009, it was the worst economic time of my generation. Somehow, I still managed to find a jobby turning an internship into full-time employment, with a 401(k) and everything!

For those of you currently at internships or starting them soon, here are a few tips on how to turn that gig into one that lasts:

Prove You Can Do the Job

Many companies use internships to find full-time hires. This means you should be doing your best to prove theyre dumb-dumbs if they dont offer you a job.

Sure, some internships sadly require you to get coffee for everyone and do other less-than-skilled work. If thats the case, and thecompany is not giving you any actual responsibilities, use your free time outside of the internship to do projects similar to your companys work. Then, show these projects to your bosses and ask for their critique.

For example, lets say youre working at an advertising firm, but youre never asked to write any ad copy. Find out what campaigns the company is working on and spend a few nights brainstorming ideas. When your work is polished and ready, ask your boss if theyd be willing to look over what youve done and offeradvice on how to make it better. Maybe youll get lucky and write the perfect new slogan for a large company the firm has been pursuing! I bet it involves emojis. (Confession: I am not in advertising.)

Find Mentors

Heres a crazy fact: The employeesat these companies are way more talented than youare. I know, I knowthats hard to believe. But its true! This means you have a lot to learn from everyone around you.


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