1 Smartphone, 5 Ways to Show You're Qualified for the Job

1 Smartphone, 5 Ways to Show You're Qualified for the Job
From Recruiter - August 22, 2017

Speed matters when youre applying for jobs. If youre always waiting to get to a laptop, it might be too late.

Thats one reason for you to get comfortable with using your phone for more than Facebook videos and Instagram posts. Your phone is the most important communication tool you own. Its time to unleashits potential in your job search.

Ready to use your smartphone to land a job? Try these tactics:

1.Report Live From Professional Events

Are you at a professional event? Why not give a short synopsis of it on Facebook or LinkedIn? Some of your connections cant make it to the event, but streaming it live is a way to include them nonetheless.

Perhaps you can interview the speaker(s) at the event. Not only will this yield valuable information for you, but someone will share your video with their connections, heightening your professional profile.

2. Record the Volunteer Training SessionYoure Facilitating

Volunteering is an excellent way to fill employmentgaps and is also useful for your online profiles.

By recording training sessions you lead, you not only help othervolunteers, but you also demonstrate yourcompetency to a wider audience. Employers and recruiters get an opportunity to see you in action. Published online, the video can offer hiring authorities a face, a voice, and proof of your potential.

3. Take Assessments


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