5 Common Job Search Fallacies You Need to Reject:

5 Common Job Search Fallacies You Need to Reject:
From Recruiter - August 22, 2017

On the hunt for a new job? Avoid falling for these common job search fallacies:

1. The Best Approach to Finding a New Job Is to Apply to as Many as Possible; Its a Numbers Game.

In reality, applying to as many jobs as possible is a sure way to make your search longer and less productive.

The numbers game approach is usually driven by fear: You worry the right position doesnt exist or will take too long to find, so you start applying to roles for which you arent a good fit.

More efficient job seekers begin their searches by thinking about what is important to them. They list the criteria that mattersshorter commutes, certain schedules, title, industry, etc.and then start looking for jobs that meet this criteria.

The most efficient job seekers dont hit up job boards first. Instead, they connect with people. Utilizing their networks, they ask their colleagues and associates to connect them with other professionals who might help them find the roles theyre looking for with minimal competition.

2. Its Okay to Send the Same Resume With Every Application.

Not customizing your resume for every job application is a grave mistake. Many companies utilize an applicant tracking systems (ATSs). You may be well qualified for a position, but if your resume doesnt contain the same key words as the job description, your application may never make it to the hiring manager.

With every resume you send, make sure to match your skills to the ones listed in the job description. One way to do this is to include a list of core skills in your resumeto showcase your most relevant 10-12 skills that are directly applicable to the job.

3. Once You Apply, You Just Have to Wait for Someone to Contact You.


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