16 Ways to Start Engaging Employees Today:

16 Ways to Start Engaging Employees Today:
From Recruiter - August 22, 2017

In a survey conducted by personality assessment firm Psychometrics, 58 percent of respondents said that if leaders want to improve employee engagement, they need to give more recognition.

So, what can your organization do to recognize and engage employees more regularly and powerfully? Below are some simple stepsyou can start taking immediatelyto show employees how much you appreciate them:

1. Help Your Workers Get Healthy

Health and wellness are always important, and healthier employees get more done. One study found that workers who exercise and eat healthyscore 11 percent higher on performance assessments than their obese peers do. You can get a company health kick started by providing healthy snacks, arranging for team walks, or even subsidizing employee gym memberships.

2. Celebrate Accomplishments

As a manager, you should know and understand the goals of each of your team members. Did someone just hit their sales quotaor land a new client? Celebrate it! Try giving personal gifts, bringing in treats for everyone, or holdinga small party at the end of a long day.

3. Bring in Speakers

Outside speakers and coaches can really get your team motivated and performing better together through team-building exercises. Start with a lunch and learn and go from there!

4. Get Employee Feedback

If you want to engage your employees, you need to first know what works and what doesnt. Go straight to the source and ask your team for ideas on how theyd like to be appreciated and engaged.

5. Have Lunch

Taking the team out to lunch is a perfect way to make them feel special, and it gives you a chance to get to know them outside of the workplace. Plus, everyone loves food!

6. Go Bowling

It doesnt have to be bowling, of course. The real point is to go out and do something fun with your team! This can be golf, a day at the beach, or any activity your employees are interested in.

7. Create an Open Workplace

Be open in both mind and body. Not only should you be listening to and communicating with your team, but you should also make an effort to take down physical walls separating employees from one another.

According to an infographic from Queens University of Charlotte, 39 percent of employees worldwide say their organizations dont collaborate enough. Getting rid of the cubicles and creating an open workspace is a great way to get more collaboration going.

8. Encourage Ongoing Coaching

Showing an interest in the continued education of your employees proves you are invested in and care about their work and progress. Consider giving each employee a yearly training budget they can spend on events and activities that will help them learn, grow, and develop.


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