5 Improvements You Can Make to Strengthen Your Recruiting Process

5 Improvements You Can Make to Strengthen Your Recruiting Process
From Recruiter - September 2, 2017

1. Use Software to Streamline the Process

At Socialfly, we invested in JazzHR in order to streamline our recruiting process. Jazz allows us to push out our current job openings to all of the major job boards and allows team members to collaborate with one another on the hiring process.

Stephanie Cartin, Socialfly

2. Look Where Everyone Else Isnt Looking

One of the best decisions we made when it came to recruiting entry-level candidates was to go to universities that other companies were overlooking because they werent big name schools. A graduate in the top 5 percent of their class at a smaller school is as good asif not better thansomeone who was in the bottom 50 percent at a more well-known program. Were able to hire the better person because were there and other companies are not.

Maria Burns Ortiz, 7 Generation Games

3. Hire People Who Have Ideas for Change

At Aligned Signs, we are focused on people who share our vision. We like to ask questions like, What is one thing you believe could be improved? How would you go about improving it? If the candidate is hired, we like to make them a lead on implementing the change they suggested. This way, the new hire is integrated into the company quickly, takes leadership early, and can see their thoughts into fruition.


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