5 Ways the Gig Economy Can Work for Working Mothers

5 Ways the Gig Economy Can Work for Working Mothers
From Recruiter - September 5, 2017

For years, mothers have faced a tough choice: to work or not to work? However, this seemingly simple question fails to convey thesacrifices women are asked to make.

Many working women have long yearned for a hybrid choice, some option that could exist if only the world of work were structured differently. With the rise of the gig economy, working women may have finally found that choice.

According to a 2016 study,the percent of women engaged in alternative work arrangements, which includes gig economy jobs, has more than doubled since 2005 and now outpaces the percentage of men engaged in such work. Gig jobs present women with the opportunity to meld valuable careers and meaningful parenthood without compromising either.

The overwhelming popularity of gig work among women raisesthe question: What about the gig economy works for so many working mothers?

Here are a few possible answers:

1. You Can Set Your Own Hours

An overwhelming 96 percent of female gig workers cite flexible hours as one of the top three benefits of working in the gig economy. Gig workers have the flexibility to work any number of hours they choose, usually at whatever time of day best suits their schedule.

This flexible scheduling doesnt have to mean earning less money. Many gig workers are able to put in full-time work, with 47 percent of them reporting they work more than 40 hours a week. For working mothers who want to pursue careers without sacrificing time with their children, the flexibility to work the hours they want to work makes gig work an ideal option.

2. You Can Work From Home

For some, motherhood means being on call at all times. In normal offices, where supervisors and coworkers note how often youre late and when you are away, working mothers are pressured to sacrifice either job security or availability to their children.


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