Benefits on the Fringe: 11 Weird or Amusing Benefits

Benefits on the Fringe: 11 Weird or Amusing Benefits
From Recruiter - September 5, 2017

Welcome to Benefits on the Fringe, the monthly column where Jason McDowell covers the most unique benefits todays employers are using to woo talent, as well as advances and innovations in the employee benefits realm.

Employers can choose from a laundry list of perks and benefits fortheir employees, and this column has covered many of them. For this edition of Benefits on the Fringe, however, I decided to do something a little different. I took to social media to source the weirdest job perks the internet community had to offer.

Im happy to say that I was not disappointed. While I had many responses, there simply isnt enough space for them all. Please enjoy my top picks below:

1. Look Out Below

I once worked at a fire and police museum. Only employees were allowed to go down the fire pole. We could slide down as many times as we wanted as long as there were no customers. Andy M., via Facebook

2. MMMPizza?

So this is kind of a weird one, but the perk was access to the nastiest break room ever so I didnt have to walk all the way to the cafeteria to heat up my coffee. The microwave would make any item taste like pizza. You brought soup? Now its liquid pizza! Hot coffee? Enjoy your pizza! Hamburger? I think you mean pizza! This break room was shown to me by one of the other employees from a different department and literally called a perk.Ashley W., via Facebook

3. Ask Me Tomorrow

My most useless benefit was with a former employer that supposedly offered a 401(k) option, but was always in the process of switching over to a new provider every time I asked about it. It was supposed to be offered after six months of employment. After two years of asking, I just opened a Roth IRA on my ownprobably a better option in the long term anyway.Rebecca B., via LinkedIn

4. Are You Sure Its Good?

I worked at a retail store that allowed us to cash our paychecks [in store]. But we had to have manager approval. To cash the checks that they gave us. It had nothing to do with cash on hand. They were required to sign off on the checks to make sure they were legit. I dont know if theyd had employees passing off fake payroll checks before or what.Jillian M., via Facebook

5. Company Policy, I Swear!


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