3 Valuable Lessons for College Grads Still Hunting for a Job

3 Valuable Lessons for College Grads Still Hunting for a Job
From Recruiter - September 6, 2017

If youre a recent grad still struggling to find that firstpost-college opportunity, never fear! You dont have to move back in with your parents. You dont have to resort to eating nothing but ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese (the off-brand stuff, not the good stuff). You dont have to scrapeyour way through the rest of the year in an unpaid internship just to get experience and build a professional network.

If you follow thesetips, youll not only find work, but also learn what to expect once you are working:

1. Head to the Nearest Temp Agency

You will learn as much or more working as a temp as you would working as an intern, and an agency will put you to work faster than you can find an internship this time of year.

In this tight job market, workers arent the only people struggling. Companies themselves have a hard time finding qualified candidates. Many organizations turn to temps to help fill the void.

While you may have heard in the past that temps are lazy, noncommittal, or unreliable, those rumors simply dont hold water anymoreif they ever truly did. Nearly 85 percent of respondents to the recent Randstad Workmonitor survey said they would accept a temporary contract to avoid unemployment.

Internships have traditionally been the best way for students to get firsthand industry training and insight, but they dont always offer job prospects, says Jim Link, chief human resources officer for staffing agency Randstad North America. Temp work often does, as its filling a void or need in a company. It helps people get a foot in the door at desirable companies, fill in gaps in resumes, sharpen skills, break into new career paths, and even build a large network of valuable contacts.

2. Dont Plan on Your First Job Being Your Only Job

You see, recent college graduate, lifetime careers were a 20th-century thing. In 2017, we face a cutthroatjob market where competitors regularly poach top talent from each other. Employees have gotten really good at transferring theirold 401(k)s to their new 401(k)s every couple of years.

Okay, so maybe landing a job for life is not entirely impossible,but the fact is, if you want a raise in a few years, market trends suggest you will need to change jobs to get it.

Its common knowledge that the rate of job change has risen steadily over the last several years and employer loyalty isnt as strong as it once was, says Link. Weve had countless conversations with employers that indicate its top of mind and something theyre trying to solve. Just look at the perks employers are giving to retain their talent.

According to Link, the crux of the retention issue lies in building great employee experiences that meet peoples needs, give them flexibility, and help them grow and develop in their careers.


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