Don't care About LinkedIn? You Should

Don't care About LinkedIn? You Should
From Recruiter - September 7, 2017

Dont think LinkedIn matters for your job search? Think again. A 2016 Jobvite surveyfound that 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates.

Times change. No longer can you make a zillion copies of your resume and cover letter, then walk door to door dropping them off around town. Thats no way to get a job in 2017.

Hiring managers are reviewing LinkedIn and other social media platforms to uncover any information that may disqualify you from joining the team. They are looking at the spelling and grammar of your posts and at thepictures and posts you are tagged in. No one wants an employeewho may stay out drinking all night and not show up for workor worse, someone who may be prone to outburstsin the workplace.

On the job hunt, you are in the business of selling you! You are your brand. LinkedIn, other social media platforms, and your resume are part of your branding and marketing strategy. Use LinkedIn to show employers what you know.

LinkedIn Success Tips for Personal Brand Development

1. Review YourWork History to Ensure Your Profile Matches Your Resume

The job titles, dates of employment, and key accomplishments should all line up. You dont want hiring managers and recruiters to find discrepancies. This will cause them to think you are either untrustworthy or not attentiveto detail.

2. Get Recommendations.

Recommendations cannot be faked. They are written by people in your LinkedIn network. These testimonials show recruiters and hiring managers how great you are and the value you provide.

If you have not asked anyone for a recommendation in a while, get busy. It is okay to let the person know a few specifics you would like them to mention. You will get a chance to review the recommendation before posting it for others to see. If you do not like what it says, you do not have to post it.


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