5 Qualities That Make You Stand Out to Recruiters

5 Qualities That Make You Stand Out to Recruiters
From Recruiter - October 2, 2017

As weve all experienced firsthand, it can be difficult to catch an employers or recruiters attention. When hundreds of candidates apply to a single job post, its no longer enough to simply meet all thequalifications.

So, what else are recruiters looking for in potential employees? There are five qualities that make the biggest impression on decision-makers in the hiring process. If you embody them,youll be sure to stand out from the competition:

1. You Are Agile, Able to Upskill and Reskill as Needed

In the digital era, industries and roles must embrace the constant state of evolution and transformation nurtured by disruptive technologies. As a result, employees must be able to quickly adapt to new developments by upskilling and/or reskilling. This is particularly true with hybrid jobs, which are on the rise. Defined as roles that blend technology skills and marketing skills, hybrid roles in emerging fields require todays talent to learn in-demand skills like digital product management and data science.

2. You Are a Leader and Strong Communicator

While technical skills and experience are certainly important qualities in a job candidate, they arent competitive differentiators. Employers want to see that you have the skills to be a leader and can communicate effectively with your coworkers. This is especially true for candidates vying for more senior positions.

Demonstrating that you have soft skills such as communications and teamwork will signal to employers that you will be able to create a vision for your team and inspire others to work toward it with you.

3. You Are Passionate


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