Outdated Recruiting Methods Don't Work on Millennials

Outdated Recruiting Methods Don't Work on Millennials
From Recruiter - October 7, 2017

Its important that businesses take the time to understand millennials, given that they are the largest generation in the workforce. Companies with outdated recruiting practices will fail to connect with top talentand theyll struggle to attract even mid-level candidates. Companies that refuse to update their recruiting methods for our modern workforce riskconsigning themselves to more mediocre corners of the talent pool.

Organizations that would rather not suffer this fate should take note ofconsumer goods company Unilever. Instead of ignoring the ways in which generational differences impactrecruiting, Unileverembraced them.

Our executive team realized the rapidly changing and dynamic consumer demands and knew wed need to attract global talent and appeal to the millennial workforce, says Melissa Gee Kee, strategy director to the chief human resources officer and global HR4HR director for Unilever.

Reckoning with its recruiting practices, Unilever decided that its Future Leaders Program(FLP), a three-year on-the-job graduate program, needed a little refreshing.

The existing process was an out-of-date method rooted in paper-based applications, phone interviews with recruiters, and manual assessment tests, Gee Kee explains. It took 4-6 months to sift through 250,000 applications and ultimately hire 800 individuals. In addition, the process was not in line with candidate expectations for a company like Unilever or with the companys goal of moving rapidly and using technology to do so.

Update Now, or Pay the Price Later

In 2015, Gee Kee and one of Unilevers HR directors based in South Africa began working together to brainstorm new visions of the companys FLP recruiting process.

We assessed the issues that were problematic with the existing processit was cumbersome, expensive, and time-consumingand then researched solutions, Gee Kee says. We examined early adopters of novel technologies and looked at neuroscience, data analysis, gamification, and other different ways of assessing and defining talent.

Uncertain whether your recruiting process could use asimilar reevaluation? Gee Kee lists the following four signs that your recruiting game is out of touch:


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