This One Detail Could Totally Transform Your Resume

This One Detail Could Totally Transform Your Resume
From Recruiter - October 15, 2017

People tend to leave one crucial detail out of their resumes: their results! However, including this detail could totally transform your resume and make it much more effective.

Dontsell yourself short. Give your results a prominent place on your resume.

Why Do Results Matter?

Anyone can say theyre a great employee, but very few people can actually prove it. Thats where results come in.

When applying for a job, you want to use facts to make a case for why the company should hire you. If you can show a hiring manager that you will be the solution to their problem by discussing the value youve created for previous employers, youll have a much better shot at the role.

Relying on subjective terms and clichs instead of quantifiable results will get you nowhere. In fact, employers look negativelyon this because it doesnt convey any real information.

Instead of saying you are results-driven, give potential employers a taste of what youve actually achieved:

Pitched and cultivated a relationship with [Company Name], securing $10,000 partnership for 2016.

This sentence shows that you actively pursued a client and generated concrete results. Using active verbs and integrating metrics creates a stronger claim than using common resume phrases or buzzwords.

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