Benefits on the Fringe: Healthy Perks That Boost Productivity

Benefits on the Fringe: Healthy Perks That Boost Productivity
From Recruiter - October 15, 2017

Welcome to Benefits on the Fringe, the monthly column where Jason McDowell covers the most unique benefits todays employers are using to woo talent, as well as advances and innovations in the employee benefits realm.

As we learn more about lifestyles and how they impact work performance, many companies are choosing to implement healthy workplace initiatives to help employees increase productivity. From free or discounted gym memberships to healthy lunches and weight loss challenges, corporate America is offering a wider range of healthy perks than ever before.

Few know more about the benefits of a healthy workplace than Ivan Misner, chairman and former CEO of global business network BNI. Once a typical executive living a sedentary lifestyle behind a desk, Misner made big changes after one day changed it all five years ago.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer, which made me completely remodel my unhealthy lifestyle, says Misner. I became more productive than Id been in years and thought, What would happen if I tried this on my employees?

Misner set out to do just that, organizing a 90-day makeover called The Misner Plan Challenge. Employees who opted in changed up their diets to incorporate fresh organic vegetables, hormone-free chicken and wild fish, and healthy oils and fats. Employees also acted as support networks for one another.

Several of the employees reported that they began to sleep better, which helped them be more alert at the office, Misner says of the results. They felt more positive, were more patient and engaged in their work, and had more energy.

After polling participants directly, Misner found the employees experienced measurable increases in energy. Thirty-five percent of participants reported losing 16-25 pounds without even trying.

Instead of a one-off benefit or a short employee challenge, Misner offered myriad options to his employees to help them completely reshape their habits.


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