To Find an Engineering Job, Master These 3 Skills

To Find an Engineering Job, Master These 3 Skills
From Recruiter - February 18, 2018

If youre currently in the market for an engineering job, you may be dealing with some depressing odds. Perhaps youre sending out dozens or even hundreds of resumes and hearing nothing back.

If youre serious about getting the job you deserve, you must do everything in your power to increase your total value so that you can attract the right kind of attention fromhiring managers and recruiters.

By now, we all know that networking on LinkedIn is one of the most effective job search strategies. Many studies have shown that your chances of getting hiredimprove when you have a referral. This means yourjob search success hinges on making human to human connections.

The best way to land the engineering job you want is to master the following three skills: communication, positivity, and influence. In fact, mastering these skills will help any job seeker in any field find job search success.


The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills a person can have. On the flip side, the inability to communicate can derail your entire job search.

To improve your communication skills, you simply need to throw yourself into social scenarios. Communication is like a muscle that needs to be exercised, so attend as many social events as possible. Surround yourself with extraverts to force yourself to communicate with others on a regular basis.

I attend one social event per week. Building communities and recruiting engineering teams are skills Ive developed over the last seven years. As a result, Ive become a strong connector. I proactively pursue those with whom I share a vision, and then I start conversations.

2. Positivity

Employers will often choose less experienced candidates with better attitudes over more experienced candidates with negative attitudes. Anyone can learn new skills, but great personalities are harder to teach.


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