2018: A New Approach to the Employee Journey

2018: A New Approach to the Employee Journey
From Recruiter - February 18, 2018

According to Randstad,HRs top challenge today is finding and retaining employees in an increasingly competitivetalent market. To meet this challenge, HR leaders are adopting new ways of thinking about processes and policies.

In 2018, the employee journey will undoubtedly be a major concern for HR leaders. To win the war for talent, these leaders must create employee experiences that support employees at every step of the way, from recruiting and onboarding to career development and transition.

To understand what is driving this new approach to the employee experience, it is important to lookat a few global workplace trends that have emerged over the last decade:

1. The Rise of the Employee Relationship Economy

The dynamics of employer/employee relationships have changed significantly in the last few years. Social media has created a window into each and every organization, presenting employees with the chance to share how they think and feel about their employers in real time. Company cultures are no longer isolated within the walls of businesses. Instead,your culture is a part of your brand, and candidates can see what its like before they even apply.

Today, HR teamsincluding recruiters and talent acquisition leadersare responsible for investing time and resourcesin the creation of positive company cultures where satisfied employees share positive sentiments on social media and with their networks. The goal of these efforts is to create an employer brand that attracts and retains the best talent, creates sales opportunities, and improves the bottom line.

2. Improving LayoffProcesses

The 2008 recession prompted about 2.6 million layoffsthe worst year for jobs since 1945. During that difficult time, HR leaders began developingnewpractices and strategies to address the needs of impacted employees in an effort to protect employer brands and remain competitive. At the same time, outplacement services began to change significantly, and organizations started focusing on the entire employee journey, including offboarding and severance policies and procedures.

Today,lower unemployment rates and a fierce war for talent have prompted employers to look for more holistic approaches to career mobility. Most employers have come to realize that offering only one path for employees impacted by layoffs doesnt address the varied needs of todays workers. Employees have come to expect options to meet their changing needs, and employers are responding with creative solutions, including redeployment, voluntary separation packages, creative retirement, and othernew processes. Today, employers of choice are looking for contemporary career transition solutions that offer mobility and choice for employees who want to join the gig economy, become entrepreneurs, and even change careers.

3.The Multigenerational Workplace


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