6 Indications You Need to Hire More Team Members

From Recruiter - July 7, 2016

1. When Youre Equally Ready to Fire People

Ive seen many startups fail thanks to their inability or unwillingness to fire peoplewhether its a cofounder who isnt pulling their weight or a new hire who isnt delivering. A trial period, the expectations for it, and a contingency plan in case it doesnt work out should all be a part of the discussion around hiring a new employee. Expect the best and plan for the worst.

Melissa Roberts, Free State Strategy Group LLC

2. When Your Product Demands It

We made the mistake of hiring and scaling last year because we started making more money. We ended up having to lay off several of the new hires after finding ourselves constantly having to create work for them to do. Now that our products are growing and demand the attention, were back in the hiring mode and happy to get the extra hands on board.

Jon Bradford, Colab

3. When Each New Team Member Has a Clear ROI

Before making a hiring decision, sketch out exactly how hiring this person will grow your business. If you cant easily come up with a compelling argument, dont hire anyone.

Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

4. When Its Needed to Hit the Next Milestone


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