Could You Just Text Me That Info?

Could You Just Text Me That Info?
From Recruiter - July 7, 2016

When the world moves on, savvy companies have to move with it. In todays business environment, everyone has a cell phone in their pocket. Most people use them for email, quick Web searches, and a dozen other functions in their daily lives. So why shouldnt recruiters use the convenience of that technology while in-processing new employees?

Solutions in the marketplace now allow recruiters to go mobile in new ways. Some companies, like not-for-profit healthcare system SSM Healthcare, have struggled in the past to fast-track new hires. A text messaging solution turned out to be the perfect way to instantly communicate with new hires and get onboarding tasks completed in a timely and orderly manner.

New hires are so excited to receive a text prior to their first daynot just to confirm their orientation, but to make them feel welcome, says Becki Feldmann, system leader, talent management systems and technology, at SSM Healthcare. You wouldnt expect much of a response from that text exchange other than Ill be there, but we have had several occasions where the new employee expresses energy and excitement for their first dayeven using emojis.

By using text messages instead of emails or phone calls, SSMs team saved not only time, but a lot of frustration as well.

We were calling, emailing, and leaving voicemails on the weekends.Ten percent of SSMs new hires still mixed up their starting location, and 15 percent were delayed because of missing paperwork, says Rhoda Banks, director of training at SSM Healthcare.

Now, with a text message containing all pertinent info only a few taps away, new recruits can easily double check details like location and necessary documentation.

Employees whohave been brought in through the new system appreciate the convenience of it all.

We have new hires continue to text us even after their start dates because of the convenience of the service, Feldmann says. With 24/7 operations, its just easier to send a text when they have a question rather than remember to call in the morning.

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