3 Areas Where Your Communication Skills Matter the Most

3 Areas Where Your Communication Skills Matter the Most
From Recruiter - July 7, 2016

One story I tell in my workshops is about how a former customer of mine improved communications between two warring departments. He told me that these groups were almost literally at war with each other and just couldnt play well together.

He further explained that he would call members of the groups together and make them talk to each other.

I also observed their body language and facial expressions, he said. If I noticed hostility, Id mention it and tell them I could see their hostility. Did I make them kiss and make up? No. But it almost got to that point.

This story illustrates how communication is crucial in a work environment. Its also crucial while youre in school and during your job search. Basically, youre always on.

If you havent given thought to your communications, you should consider the following three areas where its essential to your success.

At School

University is the beginning of the rest of your life, as the clich goes. Therefore, its important that you strengthen your verbal and written communication skills. And you dont have to major in communications to do this.

Your Verbal Communications

Take advantage of any opportunities you have to present in front of a group. As scary as it may seem, you will be better prepared for the workforce. Try to ignore your fear and think aboutthis as a challenge instead.

Youre not only communicating with your mouth, though; youre also communicating with your body language, facial expressions, and voice intonation. The more animated you are (within reason) the better your message will come across. Some believe that effective communications is at least 90 percent or more physical presentation.

Your Written Communications

When you write expository papers for your classes, put your best effort forth. Be concise, butinformative. The working world prefers when ideas presented in writing are as brief as possible.

This includes emails, proposals, marketing literature, whitepapers, etc. I remember a marketing manager saying to me, Brevity is the key to success. She was right.

Youll learn that when you leave college and enter your job search, your success will depend on your marketing campaign. This will include your written and verbal communications. Dont focus on only one form of communication. Practice it all.

During the Job Search


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