4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Motivate Your Team

4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Motivate Your Team
From Recruiter - July 11, 2016

Its one of the more depressing business statistics: Only about a third of employees say they are engaged at work.The other 70 percent arent too happy with their jobs, with 52 percent feeling blah and 18 percent downright hating their current positions. We all know what this means for employee productivity and the organizational bottom line.

Employersare aware of the problem, but finding the answer is its own crisis. Figuring out how to engage your employees is no easy task.

Some think higher pay is the answer, but the fact is that only 12 percent of employees leave their jobs for more money. This suggests that the majority of disengaged employees are looking for something other than a bigger paycheck. Thats great news for your budget, but now what?

We have some ideas. Here are four great ways to motivate your team without breaking the bank:

1. Feedback

Some employees might not admit it, but the truth is that humans like to be noticed. Youve probably heard the phrase Theres no such thing as bad publicity. As it turns out, feedback is to the average employee what press coverage is to a Hollywood star. Employees want to hear how their work is affecting the companygood or bad.

We all know that positivefeedbackleaves workers happy, but its important to note that constructive criticism is just asimportant to employee motivationif not more so.Research suggeststhat employees actuallywant negative feedback.When a leader invests in their employees continued growth through constructive criticism, employees believethat leadersees theirpotential. This is pivotal for job satisfaction, especially for employees who value support.

To Do: Get to know your employees work styles, values, and personality traits, and tailor the delivery of your feedback to align with their preferences.

2.Demand That Your Employees Take Vacations

Vacation time is an important way for employees to recharge and release stress. This isnt a baseless platitude:Employees who use their PTO are much more likely to receive a raise or bonus than those who do not use their PTO, which suggests that taking the occasional vacation truly does allow an employee to perform better at work.

Unfortunately,fewer and fewer and people in the U.S. are taking advantage of their vacation days. They fear that taking time off will negatively impact their chances of advancingin their careers.

As a leader, it is important that you encourage your employees to take time off to relax and rest up every once in a while. You may want to lead by example here and make sure youre taking time off yourself. Employees will be likely to follow your leadplus, no one wants to work for a stressed or exhausted boss.

To Do: Find ways to support the work/life balance of your employees.Help them see that vacation time is just as important as office time for their sake and yours.


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