6 Ways to Hire That Busy Entrepreneurs Love

6 Ways to Hire That Busy Entrepreneurs Love
From Recruiter - July 12, 2016

1. Trial Before Hire

We love having people complete short tasks related to their work before we hire them. For example, for a communications role, we ask candidates to find a reporter who they think would write about us and draft a pitch. This allows us to get a sense of their work before we hire.

Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

2. Pop Quizzes

Weve found the best way to vet prospects is to offer them a short quiz that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Its normally 5-10 questions that help us gauge their analytical thinking, their personality, and their contextual understanding. The questions never have a single, correct answer, and by utilizing scenarios that are applicable to our own organization, we can learn a lot about how these potential employees might function at our company.

Justin Moodley, LASANAN

3. Talk to Everyone

Ive hired several people from local coffee shops and restaurants. Many college students work these kinds of part-time jobs while theyre completing degrees. Getting to know the person serving me coffee tells me a lot about how they value customer service and work ethic. This isnt a way of mass hiring, but its effective for finding diamonds in the rough.

Tony Banta, Live Mercury, Inc.

4. Tap Into Your Network


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