Top 7 Challenges in Recruiting IT Talent

Top 7 Challenges in Recruiting IT Talent
From Recruiter - July 14, 2016

Its no secret that recruiting IT talent comes with its own unique set of challenges. Couple those challenges with economic and industrial changes, and each year, IT recruiters have to learn to navigate totally new landscapes. This year is once again proving that the only constant in IT recruiting is change, and the need for tech talent is at an all-time high.

Here are seven of the top challenges recruiters face when looking forIT professionals right now:

1.Demand Outweighs Available Talent

According to a an article published by Dice earlier this year, the unemployment rate for IT workers is only about3 percent. Thats great news if youre looking for an IT position, butbad news for the recruiters who have more jobs to fill than people with the skills and experience needed to fill them. Software and Web developers are in particularly high demand. Other employees recruiters are having a particularly difficult time finding include those with big data and analytics experience, those with security knowledge, and those who have worked on legacy systems.

2. Increased Recruiting Costs

Compensation demands for IT positions were already competitivebeforeIT wages went up 1.2 percent last year. Now, certain markets are experiencing even higher wage increases, driving up already high recruiting costs. These larger metro areas experienced the highest overall wage increases this last year:

- Seattle (up 3.6 percent)
- Minneapolis (up 2.6 percent)
- Detroit (up. 2.4 percent)
- San Francisco (up. 2.4 percent)
- Atlanta (up 1.9 percent)

3. Too Many Competing Offers

Candidates often find themselves choosing between multiple offers, each one as attractive as the next. This job seekers market has employees feeling comfortable enough to start looking on the other side of the fence and consider job changes, regardless of the somewhat volatile stock market.

Right now, IT workersare naming their prices and being incredibly choosy about where they go. Companies have to get go beyond competitive salaries and get creative about what they offer. Company culture, benefits, perks, and future growth opportunities all play a role in attracting tech talent today.

4. Getting Noticed


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