Ignite Your Job Search for the Rest of 2016

Ignite Your Job Search for the Rest of 2016
From Recruiter - July 18, 2016

Because it is a job seekers market, every job is temporaryat least millennials seem to think so. Last years Jobvite study agrees with them. You might hate the job search, but this is the time to do it!

According to the 2015 job preparedness study from the DeVry University Career Advisory Board, the job seekers who succeed in their searches today are those who target specific companies and use social media and other Internet tools to seek out the needs of employers.

Want to find a new job in 2016? Here are a few tips, based on the behaviors of those successful job seekers:


Most of the time, employers receive more applicants than they need (or desire) for their positions. Timing is everything, so the first applicant who is able to stand out (not just the first to apply) will at least get a shot at an interview. If youre prepared to engage in a job search from your mobile phone, you can stand out in several ways:


How quickly you move to and through different platforms can determine your job search success.

Lets say your screening interview is changed to Skype instead of a phone interview. Are you ready? The conference call turns into a presentation on Blab, and youre away from home. What do you do?

You say that hasnt happened and wont happen to you? Think again.

Lets say you getto the in-personinterview, and they ask you to do a presentation in addition to the panel interview. Your ability to adapt is critical, and you may not have as much time to prepare as you like. Your competition is always ready, and youre not, because you havent interviewed in years.

How do you react when you find out youll need to learn new software? If you cant adapt to the various screenings an employer desires, it will be difficult for you to move forward in the process. Then again, if the technology is your Achilles heel, it will be difficult showing employers your technology skills. Personal use of technology often (though not always) reflects your ability to use it in a professional environment.


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