6 Tools to Boost Your Employer Brand

From Recruiter - July 19, 2016

1. & 2. Buffer & Grammarly

We use Buffer to post creative content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and basically all the other social media sites to spread our employer brand. We also use Grammarly as a first line of defense to rid our content of grammar errors.

A clean and polished social network presence is a must for employer branding. Organic followers are highly likely to respond positively to any contact with a job opportunity. Hiretual spreads its brand with awesome educational content that teaches our audience a thing or two about our space. People who already learn from us and follow our thought leadership are likely to be more coachable and already know our processes, brand, culture, and team members. Overall, they would be better cultural fits. By helping us schedule and share our error-free content, Buffer and Grammarly help us solidify our standing in the eyes of the right candidates.

Ninh Tran, Hiretual

3. Digital Signage

We use digital signage displays in our offices to build our employer brand. Weve got screens at the front entrance, by the sales and marketing areas, and in the break rooms. These screens show a variety of content from live metrics dashboards and our brands social media channels to employee recognition and birthdays.

Digital signage is a great internal branding tool because its quick to update, always has fresh content, and its a powerful, visual reminder of our brand.

Colin Bovet, Enplug

4. & 5. Conventional PR and Email Branding Tools

While our email branding offer has gained us a wide, international client base, Rocketseed employs a relatively small team. Having recently been featured among the Telegraphs Top 58 U.K. tech companies for 2015the Scale Up Clubour company has attracted a lot of speculative employment interest from both recent technology and marketing graduates and experienced professionalsshowing the employer brand power of conventional and online PR!


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