Get That Recruiter-Hiring Manager Chemistry Going

Get That Recruiter-Hiring Manager Chemistry Going
From Recruiter - July 22, 2016

We all know chemistry is essential for a good relationship, right? So imagine how great it would be if hiring managers could find their perfect recruiters on an eHarmony-type site. Or if recruiters could pick the hiring managers they work with based on personality matches.

In reality, the recruiting/hiring manager matchismore like an arranged marriage in most companies: two strangers expected to collaborate on a tough mission of talent acquisitionand expected to get it done quickly.

But it doesnt have to be all bad. Recruiters and hiring managers can take steps to build a partnership and unite around a common goal. Here are three tips to help recruiters and hiring managers get thatchemistry going:

1. Respect the Professional

Respect is the foundation for nearly everything good in a working relationship. Its something that grows with time, but you can get a partnership off to a strong start by showing baseline respect and deference for the other persons professional expertise and knowledge.

That means turning off your smartphone and closing your laptop to give your partner your full attention. In discussions, show that youd like to learn from that persontheyhave valuable expertise and experience, after all. Respond quickly to voicemail and email messages, even if just to acknowledge youve received the message and need some time for a measured reply. This takes some of the pressure off proving yourselves to each other so you can focus on building the partnership instead.

2. Communicatea Lot

Part of eHarmonys marketing strategy is to offer free communication weekends, which shows just how valuable communication is in relationship-building.

In business, communication usually costs time rather than money, but its time well spent. Find out what things are priorities for your partner at workand make time to learn more about their priorities and interests outside of work, too. If you use a video interviewing solution for hiring, get into the habit of communicating by video with your recruiter or hiring manager partner. Its amazing how much more quickly you can connect with someone when you make eye contact and have the benefit of facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. Its a very efficient technology for communicating and developing understanding.


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