4 Things Pokémon Go Can Teach Us About Recruiting

4 Things Pokémon Go Can Teach Us About Recruiting
From Recruiter - July 22, 2016

If you have been anywhere near the Internetin the past couple of weeks, youve probably heard about Pokmon Go.Its an addictive little game based on a franchise that reached its heights in the late 90s and early 2000sbut thanks to Pokmon Go, that franchise is coming back in big ways. The gamesinteractive reality gets people out-and-about, searching for imaginary critters in our everyday, ordinary world. Its pure genius.

It has become an overnight phenomenon, and it fascinates me how addicted we become so quickly to the next big thing. What I find even more interesting, though, are the similarities between the app that is sweeping the nation and recruiting.


Yes, recruiting. Here are some ways that Pokmon Gocan teach us about hiring:

1. Fads Come and Go

With inconsistent hiring practices come inconsistent hiring decisions. When youre chasing down the latest fad in recruiting, youre not doing yourself any favors. Change can be exciting, but with good, solid hiring practices and procedures in place, you wont have to worry about keeping up. Finding what works for your company should be the No. 1focus. Just like any other fad, this game shall pass.

2. Hype Is Important

It wouldnt be a fad without people making a big deal about it. I wouldnt have downloaded the app and started playing if I hadntheard about how much fun others were having. The same is true for your company: If youre not excited about the opportunity to hire, why should anyone else be? Candidates pay attention to how you describe the company, the business, and your employees. You will lose good applicants if you dont get excited about this new chapter.

3. Sometimes, You Have to Go Out and Find What You Want


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