The Value of Listening to Employee Feedback

The Value of Listening to Employee Feedback
From Recruiter - July 25, 2016

In every relationship, we all want to feel valued. We all want to feel useful. We want to feel understood, acknowledged, and included. This is true even in the workplace.

When a company starts to think about where it will be in five or ten years, reaching out to employees for their input goes a long way toward making them feel all of those things.

Finding ways to engage with employees about the design and future of the company ensures that you create a corporate culture that fits the people who have to work within it every day.

Our employees are an incredibly creative group, and we try to provide as many opportunities as possible to get their input, says Andy North, vice president of corporate branding and communications for Bazaarvoice, a consultancy that connects brands and retailers with the opinions of their consumers. When we started to look at our prior vision statement, we wanted to see if it still resonated with employees.

Bazaarvoice had previously sourced employee opinions when designing a new building, so the company knew itsemployees could provide valuable feedback for this latest project as well. The companyalso knew how to organize and get the best information from as many workers as possible.

Its crucial that your employees believe in your vision and find ways to connect it to their daily work, so we knew we needed to get their feedback on it, North says. We set up a series of focus groups across our Austin, New York, and London offices, and at each site they felt like a new vision was necessaryone that involved our clients, their customers, and the strength of our network.

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