Why You Should Give New Graduates a Second Look

Why You Should Give New Graduates a Second Look
From Recruiter - July 29, 2016

Many of us remember playing second fiddle to our parents jobs when we were growing up. In American culture, the balance between employment and personal life has long been tilted in the direction of the job, but societal standards are starting to shift. The days of employees being forced to prioritize their jobs over their personal lives may be slowly coming to an end. Millennials just arent having it.

A healthy work/life balance is now a priority for the next generation of workers, and thats why remote and freelance work is so appealing to them. When workers have the ability to set their own schedules and work from virtually anywhere, they also find more time to spend with their loved ones at home. The class of 2016 in particular finds this prospect to be quite attractive.

A New Generation of Benefits

While some graduating students suffer crippling college debt, they still have a leg up on previous generations in other ways. For example, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, they can stay on their parents insurance plans until they are 26. Theyre also encouraged to live at home longer while they find their footing.

The newest generation of workers havecarved out their own niche when it comes to a career path, says Scott Moorhouse, business intelligence consultant at SAP Fieldglass, a provider of cloud-based vendor management systems for managing contingent workforces. With the options available for health care today, its not as important to find a full-time position right after graduating. Many graduates also dont necessarily have an ideal picture about the type of job they want. Often, they are looking to find something that ultimately leads them in a right direction. We can think of this as an internship or co-op on a larger scale.

Since the recently graduated dont feel pressure to strikeout on their own just yet, they can afford to be more selective about their job prospects and really explore their options.

Joining the flexible workforce allows these individuals to play the field. They have the ability to work for different companies, experiencing various types of jobs without making a long-term commitment, says Jim Brozny, direct of account services at SAP Fieldglass. Often a short-term gig can turn into a full-time position if there is a good match.

Luckily for new graduates, its not just the newest members of the workforce whoare adopting new attitudes toward remote work. The older half of the millennial generation has already paved the way, since many have already been in their jobs for a decade or more


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